The ultimate safety alarm system to avoid accidental collision
Wireless infrastructure-free real-time unilateration

Application: In warehouses with circulating fork lifters all walking staff is permanently endangered. The drivers’ viewing plane is strongly limited by carried stock, noise prevents from aural orientation and reverse driving is even more dangerous.

Key advantage: No wall mounted infrastructure required, all Track&Protect lightweight wireless nodes carried on shoulder by drivers and workers. Immediate alarm on approach. Real-time operation, no delay affecting alerting functions.

Limitations: Track&Protect requires sporadic direct line-of-sight for best operation.

Daily set to work: Battery life suits one shift, rapid load by battery change. Lifter operation on vehicle battery.

System performance: Track&Protect helps to prevent from accidents. The system gives visual, acoustical and vibration alarm whenever targets meet on crossing or passing course.

Extended usage: All Track&Protect components get included in infrastructure for tracking fork lifters and for position retrieval from registered deposit of pallets to any later return to the very same position upon identity reference.

Disclaimer: Warning function depends on wireless link and sensibility to alarm, no guarantee on physically sufficient conditions and on individual alertness.

Lifter mount: easy lamp adaption, hose clamp fixtures shoulder fixture: hook-and-loop pads to mend on vest.

Worker with node track & protect on shoulder